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Why would you want to sell through Affiliate Marketing?

Let’s say that you have a product that you want to make immediate income by selling it on the internet…example an e-book. One of the fastest growing ways to sell is through Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing allows you to cut the costs of advertising. It also opens up opportunities for you to sell similar items to your customer base and through your affiliate’s customer base. Companies both large and small do business on the internet through Affiliate Marketing.  According to experts, over 8 billion web pages are growing daily. The opportunities to sell products through this venue are endless.

  1. Create your own product (e-book, software, instructional video (downloadable item) to sell on your website and through your affiliates.
  2. Research other affiliate marketing sites.
  3. Check out the opportunities with these companies.
  4. Check out other affiliates.
  5. Outsource the affiliate system or run your own.
  6. Create your website. Make sure to design a sales page for your new site.
  7. Test your sales page thoroughly for errors and correct them
  8. Set a date to launch your product.
  9. Upload the new site to your server.
  10. Advertise your new product and your affiliate products.

Tip 1.
Create your website. Make sure to design a sales page for your new site.
 In order to fully partake in the Affiliate Marketing program, you should be an owner of your product. You really should have your own website. This gives you a place to market your I.P.P.…a way to barter with others and your own valuable internet real-estate.  (To find out how to obtain a template for your New Website click here.

Tip 2.
Sign-up with PayPal You need a way to transfer money into your account.

Tip 3.
Research Affiliate Marketing Sites.
One way to research Affiliate Marketing Sites is by going to companies such as clickbank, clixgalore, commission junction or linkshare.  By exploring their directories that contain large indexes to various products, you can check out what product links best with what you want to sell.

After you deside on which affiliate product tht you want to sell, it's easy to sign up. You will fill out a basic information form similiar to this:

1. Your Information
Your Full Name
Street Line 2
State / Province
Zip / Post Code
PayPal email ID (so we may pay you via PayPal)
2. Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Your email address. (example:
Your phone number. (required)
Address of your web site.
3. Select a Affiliate ID for your account.
The Affiliate ID you choose will be the "ID number" for your account. It will appear in your affiliate links to our site, and be visible to the customer when sent via email. Choose your Affiliate ID name carefully.

Affiliate ID (5-10 letters & digits)
Account Password (up to 12 letters & digits)

4. Agree to our terms and conditions.

It's that simple and basic! Once you submit the form then you will receive an email conformation andthen you can go to the site and start adding Affiliates of your choice (and providing they approve of you) to your website.

Tip 4.
There are numerous types of affiliates.

  • The pay per sale. This is where an individual is paid only if a sale is generated from the affiliate's link.
  • The pay per lead.  This is where you pay only for traffic.

Tip 5.
Check out the opportunities with these companies. When you check out these sites on line, you will find that they will explain to you how to sign up and how to start making residual income. The site Clickbank alone has thousands of different products to advertise and the percentage of earnings that have been accumulated. The way they operate is to pay-for-performance or pay a commission on the products that are sold. Participating companies supply you with a link, button or code to include on your web site or e-mail. You can keep track of your commission amounts that are sent directly into your account.


Tip 7.
If you would like to earn commissions from becoming a member of the Kathy Bee Marketing Team, contact us click here

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